Missed the Heat-wave – am I bothered!

Connie & I are enjoying temperatures of mid 20’s with no humidity/flees/flies/or midgies..
After our exciting and very scenic tour of Alaska – we joined the beautiful ‘Island Princess’
where I was honoured on several occasions by the Officers and Crew who treated me like ‘Royalty’ – I wasn’t quite the ‘Oldest Seadog’ onboard but had certainly covered more mileage than the others…
Alaska 03  Alaska 01  Alaska 05
Heli/Glazier Hop                 The fantastic Hubbard Glazier        Huskies and Mushing

Alaska 04 Alaska 08

Not much happening on the Whittlesea Scene at present – I can say that ALL the verges, motorways and parks in British Columbia and Alberta at present have the Grass mowed like bowling greens – that is except where there are vast amounts of wild flowers….
Maybe FDC’s Parks and Open Spaces should come to British Columbia on an all expenses paid visit to see how it is really done….wouldn’t that be nice…

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