Rhetoric – Rhetoric and More Rhetoric from FDC

Okay – ‘we’ will never win with Fenland District Council, I am referring to both Grass Cutting (It is someone else fault/problem) or The imposition of a ‘Brown Bin Tax’
My thanks to several who contacted me re the FDC website ISS Grass Cutting Website
This is very informative and now gives the ‘planned’ dates when ‘we’ expect the grass to be cut – and now we can all leave ‘comments’ (I have done so) on ‘How are we doing’ – I would respectfully advise all who look on this site and other social media to do the same.
Another disappointing issue – being I have now been in contact with 5 if not 6 (loosing count) of our ‘elected representatives’ about the for never ending issues – only so far (2) have got back to me –  and no feedback what-so-ever from FDC.
Naturally being an extremely big supporter of making our Town/Villages clean, litter free and ‘blooming’ – what would happen if the In-Bloom Judges – so happened to make a detour on their planned route – and saw ‘the state’ of some of the other areas around our town – Good luck and thanks to everyones hard and dedicated work..

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