Whittlesey Police Station is to Close

Report as given to members of Whittlesey Neighbourhood Watch last night 28th June.

Whittlesey Police Station 160609AAs chairman of Whittlesey & District Neighbourhood Watch (NHW), I requested a meeting with the Fenland Police Inspectors – – last Tuesday 21st June.
I had One and a half hours of pretty intense questions and answers about various topics/issues around Policing,
(or None-Policing – depends on how you see it).
The final decision to actually close our Police Station is yet to be made/signed off – but on a scale of 100 –  I was told they are at the 90 mark in this process.

I have held back on breaking this news in order to update the membership which I represent.

It is my understanding – that negotiations are on-going with the Fire Services to utilise facilities at our Fire Station (to use as a base and vehicles etc)
We are a town & villages of 14,000 people, we are approximately 20% in area of Fenland.
Inspector Davies, explained what resources he had at his disposal for Policing Fenland 24 hours/365 days a week.
The Thin Blue Line is an understatement.
Whittlesey and Villages are ‘seen/perceived’ as a ‘Low Crime’ area – We are NOT a Crime Free zone/area. A couple of weeks ago I reported there were 40 individuals on probation in the Whittlesey area!
My initial request for a meeting was triggered by me being contacted by 8 individuals reporting crimes to me (a member of the public) for incidents they could not be bothered or found it too difficult to report to the Police.
These incidents may have been ‘low’ of the crime scale – never the less were incidents – and by not reporting throws out the whole reporting and crime statistics, I received 4 incidents the following week and I have receive None this week.
Whittlesey Police Station Opening AOur Police Station opened in October 1968 – Policing and crime was very much different then too what it is today – there will never be a ‘Bobby’ doing his walk-around late evening checking shops and premises, we have all but lost our Neighbourhood Policing.

I could write a book  about this – but won’t – if your feelings are that here we go again!!! – another loss to our Town & Villages.  Then the only person that can stop the Police Station closing is YOUR PCC (Police & Crime Commissioner) – Remember He has just been elected – Fenland turnout was a very dismal 13,699 (18.23) of the electorate.

Again – If you are concerned about this topic/issue – then contact YOUR Councillor.

I am honoured and humbled to have been re-elected as Chairman of the Whittlesey & Neighbourhood Watch Group for another year – I took over the group on a ‘temporary’ basis in 2011

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