New Queen Street Surgery – Patients Participation Group + Dr Howsam

There is a PPG meeting tonight 7pm at NQS – Which I plan to attend.
A recent communication from Dr Gary Howsam.

Dr Gary H“As you all know I have been using some of my working week to Chair the Greater Peterborough Local Commissioning Group, and represent our area on the CCG Governing Body.
I recently applied for, and was appointed to, a new role as CCG Chief Clinical Officer and Clinical Chair.
This new role carries a lot more responsibility and will require a bigger time commitment. It will take up two and a half days a week. This will mean that from October 1st I will be reducing my practice commitment to two days a week. I will be resigning half my partnership duties from that date. (subject to final ratification of my new role by the Governing Body).
Although my number of days at the practice will be reduced I am still fully committed to improving the quality of care we can provide to our patients, and ensuring the practice remains fit for the future and the increasingly difficult challenges ahead (in terms of increasing workloads, reducing workforce and reducing financial resources)
I hope that my experiences working outside the practice, across the bigger system, will allow me to bring benefits to our team from observing the solutions others have successfully implemented- both locally and nationally.”

Photo © Peterborough ET

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