House Insurance in Whittlesey #2

KC DSCN1086 (4)AWell this is becoming a minefield to say the least – I am making (some progress) a lot of contacts with residents all over Whittlesey, I have asked the assistance and help from Cllr Dee Laws to get information for me.
To date, it ‘appears’ and many insurance companies have ‘jumped’ on the bandwagon in the respect of Whittlesey being ‘close’/’nearby’/’adjacent’/’within’ – you name the excuse –
A Flood Risk Area – well what has changed – maybe the Environment Agencies Flood Risk assessment! – I don’t know.
What I do know is several elderly residents do NOT have any form of insurance because of the recent ‘hike’ in their premiums. Many residents have told me of their premium more than doubling this year, two residents (so far) had a 200% rise in their quoted premium.
Many insurance companies are NOT quoting for certain postcodes within the Whittlesey area, does this constitute they ‘Being Refused Insurance’ – in which case does this mean
this needs to be divulged when making further applications for insurance!

You can view the Environment Agency Website – Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea by

Clicking Here

This is an on going issue and I hope to update periodically as/when further information becomes available.

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