WTC Meeting 08th June 2016

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website. 


Meeting as per Agenda, except Representative from Vivacity not able to attend.
4 members of the public in attendance.
3 Councillors gave apologies Cll’s Mayor, Garratt and Bristow.
Presentation By Street Scene Officer Sally Mitchell, highlighting that some ‘Human excrement had been found in St Marys, + large quantities of Dog Pooh along ‘The Walk’.
(16 piles in one visit). Kings Dyke Layby on-going issues.
Community RoadwatchAn excellent presentation by Mr David McCandless from ‘Roadwatch’ explaining the what it is all about.
I have worked with David when he was very active with ‘Speedwatch’ – this is slightly different and not in conflict with one another.
Check out at Click Here for Website

At the Public Forum, Mr Steve Robertson and Bernard Gray-Esson spoke highlighting issues carried over from last month.
I spoke about:
The Manor Field picnic benches and the Payback Team. (See previous posting).
The issues about Neighbourhood Watch Signage (See previous posting).
The on-going issue of the ‘Toilet’ being out of action for over 6 months.
We were informed that a temporary fix will be in place in time for events taking place.
The on-going ‘Grass Cutting issues/Challenges especially on Ashline Grove.
The totally wrong mower being used on the Manor Field.

I am not sure if any notice is ever taken from issues raised by the Public Forum – however there is ‘some’ slight progress after months of lobbying about the Kings Delph Layby.
CC Ralph Butcher has been with County Highway officials to ‘look’ at the layby and perhaps see if there is a way of tidying up the area.

Planning applications were discussed (2) recommended for refusal being:
F/YR16/0334/F & F/YR16/0375/F the rest went through.

Cllr Dorling presented statistics for the Town Council Website which is developing better than planned
Cllr Boden updated members on the Boundary Review.

The Chair then invites Councillors to update each other on Ward Matters, as per normal there were not many…..surprising considering I raise ‘matters’ about the whole area on a near daily basis!!!!
Cllr Windle did invite fellow Councillors to help/assist in painting renovating the 5 benches that go along the Bower footpath and she did inform the state of the overgrown grass/weeds etc – I plan to go along and help this Saturday 09:30 (weather permitting)
Meet at Ashline Lock end.
Nearly – Not quite – 3 hours of Council Meeting……

Bench 1 Bower    Bench 2 Bower  Bench 3 Bower

There was NO update or mention of the Kings Dyke level crossing ‘Bridge/Flyover’.


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