Police & Crime Report – Whittlesey & District – May – June

Received the latest information before tonight’s WTC meeting…..

Compared to the period last year 12th May – 8th June

Crimes down from 70 to 30
Incidents down from 264 to 220

There are no particular crime hotspots, one burglary (attempt) has been recorded.
The team are monitoring the ASB activity along the cut between Coronation/Victory Avenue.
It was brought to my attention there was a spree of graffiti tags in the town, only one crime has been reported and one victim made aware but as of yet nothing else. Has anyone else been made aware of this ? Apparently a car was sprayed!?
It’s important that people call 101 to get a crime raised or it looks like nothing is going on.  If we don’t know then we defiantly can’t help.
Officers continue to deal with the constant issues of parking, whether this be down High Causeway, the schools or people blocking the Police station on a daily basis. It is a problem shared with other towns not just here.  Personally I have spoken to dozens of drivers, issue several tickets but still people go down High Causeway.

The Police station is still without an enquiry officer due to staffing levels so it remains closed to the public.



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