Some Councillors are working harder than others?

Sometimes, like in many instances, Councillors do a lot behind the scenes which the public do not see or hear about. However – since Whittlesey Town Council (WTC) now has its own dedicated website, I would have thought there would have been more updates as to what YOUR Councillor has and is doing….I see from the website that several wards have had a newsletter/e-news inserted. Some wards have not – namely Lattersey Ward and The Village Wards – why not surely a quarterly/6 monthly or even a yearly update is not to much to ask.
Here at this website – there has been very frequent news/updates and information almost on a daily basis – covering not only my own area but the whole of Whittlesey.

I accept that ‘some’ Councillors do use social media – most do not.
Are Lattersey (2 Councillors) and The Villages (3 Councillors) only going to get ‘some’ news when it comes to election time?
I am NOT an elected Councillor….

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