Lucky for him – Near miss for me…..

Today 31st at 10:08 Driving (Slowly) Station Road, turning left to go into Scaldgate, an elderly gentleman on his mobility scooter was trying to negotiate around the Hedging by St Judes Church, the path narrows. He goes too wide – wheels over the curb, then tips over heavily onto the road. Fortunately my wife Connie tended to him initially until 2 other ladies assisted.
The 999 Call took 45 seconds to answer (more than 3 rings!) – then I was offered a menu?
The Paramedic arrived 11 minutes later and the Police came 14 minutes after the call.
After what seemed to be a quick check over – He went off  – rather wobbly and shaken along Station Road.
10060003_03_33_08A  10060003_03_35_08A  10060003_03_35_15A
10060003_03_35_29A  10060003_03_36_23A  10060003_03_37_05A
10060003_03_37_15A  10060003_03_39_12A  10060003_03_45_02A
10060003_03_46_03A  10110004_03_21_18A  10160005_04_49_18A
As always click on photos to enlarge
I have reported to WTC, some Councillors and FDC’s Street Scene Officer.

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