Update on Fly-Tipping – Bathing Bridge West Delph

18:00 It has been reported that the rubbish has now been taken – well done everyone.
The remains of the Swan are still there…

160526-08A   160526-05A   160526-04A

Yes I have been there today with Mr Pete Moore (10:30am)
At that time there was still a good deal of ‘Black Plastic Bin Liners’ – one which we open and had a look – appeared to be of a Cannabis growing project.
There were around 10 Bags to the North in the river and about 15 Bags to the South in the river. Cllr Mrs Dee Laws is on the case.
The photos do not show fully the problem and/or issue. This is not the first occasion for this to happen.
Whilst at the site, the Farm Tender informed us that he was (2) gates missing on Tuesday..

Dead Swan 1The poor dead swan, who’s mate is swimming up and down passing.







Picture Pete Moore

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