The Eastrea Golden Age Event – FDC & WTC

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Yesterday 25th We had a very good event at the FDC Golden Age Fair held at the Eastrea Village Centre. Assisted by my wife Connie, and good to see Robert Boddington from Eastrea who is going to be the Eastrea Co-ordinator also at the event.
It was an excellent networking and Public Relations exercise for us at NHW.

Eastrea 160525-01              Eastrea 160525-03              Eastrea 160525-04
Connie G 60+++                         RG 60+++                              Mrs Fulcher 85+++
Whittlesey                                     Whittlesey                              Eastrea

Eastrea 160525-05    Eastrea 160525-07   Eastrea 160525-08
 Chapman 90+  Mr Frank Hallam 90+      Mrs Jeanne B 85+++      Who’s a naughty PCSO
Coates                 Whittlesey                            Whittlesey                         Ian Moll…..35

Remember is was a ‘Golden Age Event’ good to see it well attended, I knew everyone in these photographs….small world isn’t it!

Eastrea 160525-10

Tomorrow Friday 27th May we will support the Fenland Community Safety Partnership between 10:00 – 13:00 either on the Market Place or opposite the Police Station, again anyone who can come along would be very welcomed (Free Tea & Coffee).

(The previous Crimebusters Bus)



Remember to remain vigilant and aware, Lock it or Loose it – People who steal are very mobile and will travel vast distances to do their dirty business.

© All RG

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