WTC Meeting 11th May 2016 – Part 1

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘offical’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their official website.

WTC 160511-01Not the best of welcomes! with a dumped settee and chair immediately adjacent to the Town Council Offices last night, still I dare say if you want something moved quickly the perpetrator knew what they were doing.
That said, my report of a dumped settee along Funthams Lane last week has been removed by FDC’s Rapid Response Team.
Well done them and my thanks….

Last nights meeting started at 7:00 pm with what is annually the ‘Parish Council Meeting’
This lasted all of 6 minutes.

At 7:30 13 Councillors present (apologies from Cllr Mrs Windle), 6 Members of the Public.
The Town Council monthly meeting, started with the election of the Mayor for the coming year. Cllr Alex Miscandlon was re-elected (3 Councillors abstained from the vote).
Cllr Ralph Butcher re-elected as Deputy Mayor.
Next was the presentation of the Mayors Charity Cheques, this year going to two very worthy local groups.
(1) East Anglian Air Ambulance & (2) Whittlesey Emergency Food Aid.

WTC 160511-03      WTC 160511-04

The Police report, has already been published on this site yesterday and other reports will be posted in Part (2) later today.
There was then a somewhat lengthy (40 minutes) debate on various appointments for Town Council Committees, most of the appointments being the same as last years!

Next came the Public forum, where Eastrea resident Mr Bernard Gray-Esson raised points about vandalism in Eastrea and the ‘lack of’ Police engagement, issues with contacting the Police and Human excrement problems at Kings Delph Layby.
I supported Mr Gray-Esson in advising Councillors that over 10 Tons of Rubbish had been removed from this Layby and it was now time that all bodies/agencies took notice of this issue and if it could not be addressed – then the County Council Highways should perhaps look into closing the Layby? (Later in the meeting Cllr Boden said he concurred with the points raised – he was concerned that by closing the Layby – could move the problem elsewhere).
I also advised the Councillors of the forthcoming ‘Internet Scam Event’ by FDC & NHW on Friday 27th May 10:00 – 13:00 Whittlesey Market Place or opposite the Police Station.

There were no other speakers – the anticipated appearance (Hearsay) that a Tesco representative would be giving a talk on a future planning application did not materialise?

Cllr Mrs Laws gave an upbeat update on the Neighbourhood Plan (NP), progress is being made in getting professional help/assistance and financing the project.

Cllr Ray Whitwell updated the Councillors on the issues of the Green Wheel Cycle route.
(See previous posts on the website)

The rest of the meeting was as per the agenda.
Nothing was mentioned about the Kings Dyke Bridge/Crossing.

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