Tesco Housing Development?

I do not ‘normally’ do ‘rumours/hearsay’ but this is slightly different.
After ‘nearly’ everyone in the whole of Whittlesey – against Tesco planning to build on at least 3 sites, blaming them/developers for delaying the Sainsburys application, which then was part of the cause for them (Sainsbury) to pull out.
Now all Supermarkets are reviewing their business models – most sit of vast land banks.
Did I hear that ‘maybe’ Tesco/developer’ may now look for building houses on their Cemetery Road site. This again ‘could’ be controversial, in access and other issues.
We will wait and see if this ‘hear-say’ is correct – and by the way it was told to me by someone who comes from outside of Whittlesey!

My usual disclaimer – I have owned Tesco shares since 1999 and they are worth – less today than when I bought them.
(Financial advisers please take note when changing out of your school shorts into long trousers!)

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