Cambs Police Update

160412-PHQAt last nights meetings at Police HQ/Hinchingbrooke, I attended and as usual the ‘Police’ are going through a ‘lot’ of changes? – Staff moving, Staff leaving, and a lot of uncertainty along with the Police & Crime Commission elections.

There are only ‘4’ candidates on this occasion, all standing on a Political platform. There is a ‘Husting’ tonight at the Fleet in Peterborough organised by Peterborough NHW. All 4 will be there, I can not attend as at WTC meeting tonight.
We were in formed by Mr Charles Kitchin (Centre in picture) that there is a lot of Senior level changes also happening. Charles is not sure if his position will be secure.
Who-ever is elected takes over on the 12th May after a short handover period.
The successful candidate has 1 year to produce a ‘Police & Crime Plan’ – which I find amazing !!! – I am sure any candidate worth his/her worth would have already been well on their way to producing such a plan….I wonder?

Drone 0115 Officers in Cambridgeshire are being trained on the use of ‘Drones’ whether any of our Fenland/Whittlesey Officers are included I don’t know…

The Police priorities are Burglaries and Child exploitation.

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