Ford Snoots Road 160321The ‘abandoned’ Ford Mondeo on Snoots Road has now gone. Who moved it I do not know but it has disappeared hopefully for ever.
No further comments on Street Life© over the ‘issue’ – which I am very surprised about.
Quick to complain – Not so quick to give credit – still that’s life – Street Life©

SpeedWatchI note from last weeks Cambs Times© that’s Wisbech Town Council initiative to launch a Community Speed Watch scheme has been formed.
I/we in Whittlesey have tried at least on 6 occasions to get a ‘Speed Watch Team’ together (Minimum of 6 people), to no avail I am sorry to say. Again lots of complaints but no one prepared to join….

Toilet Still OUT OF ORDERHaving contacted my Councillor over the ‘Toilet – out – of – order’. This toilet has been in this state for more than 6 months.
Initially, it suffered from vandalism – a small fire.
It has been ‘looked at on a number of occasions.

I am pleased that my enquiries have been answered, I understand that Cllr Dee laws is on the case (Thank you) and she hopes to have a response from the Head of Assets and Projects at FDC in the near future.
Whether there will be anything at this weeks Council meeting we wait and see/hear.

With the publicity of holding events on the Market Place, to have any toilets out of operation – can and will cause some – ‘inconvenience’. Unfortunately there is NO statutory requirement for Councils to provide Public Conveniences. FDC had a review of all PC’s a couple of years ago., we in Whittlesey were left with 1 block, behind the ‘George’ – the Town Council looked into keeping the one at East Gate/Grosvenor Road car park, but it had serious drainage issues, would have cost a great deal of money to sort out, then there was the cost of maintaining.

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