Is it ‘Silly’ Season – Driving around Fenland!

Speeder 160405-01AToday going through Coates (30mph limit) a ‘lady’ driver with two children was so impatient and in a hurry to maybe get to Tesco’s overtook me doing 40+mph. As the road opened up to a 40mph zone she shot off like a rocket. Where did I find her later, stuck behind a queue of traffic at the Wisbech/March Traffic Light intersection.

Jumpers 160405-01AComing back from my meet up, at the same junction, here we have not one but two cars jumping the Red light. Last week I was in London, and I have to say the vast increase in Red Light Cameras in operation. Maybe Cambs/FDC would like to make some easy money, here’s a simple way.

As usual click on pictures to enlarge.

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