Good Meeting at NQS PPG

9 members of the Patients Participation Group plus the Practice Manager attended a very informative meeting.
The Doctors (7 Partners and 5 Salaried) are very well aware of the ‘problems’ in getting appointments. (See my earlier post of today). This is NOT because of increase in population in Whittlesey and is happening Nationwide.
The Surgery Management is very actively looking at ways of solving the problem….and its not necessarily employing more Doctors which of course has to be funded!.
An example of pressure the Surgery in under was highlighted last Tuesday when they received 1052 phone calls. All available appointments were gone by 08:04
There is an Emergency Doctor “On Call” but this facility needs to be carefully monitored and filtered, not for I’ve had a bad back for a couple of days!.
The e-consult is now live and in 3 weeks it has been available the system received 139 hits of which 16 used the self help facility and 42 actually used the e-consultation.

There is a Consultation on the future model for Pharmacy Services in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough – meeting being held at The Manor Leisure Centre on the 9th May between 14:00 and 15:30
More details to follow…..
Again an excellent well informed meeting – free to join – not hearsay from the hairdressers!

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