Not Guilty – High Causeway

Thank you to Kay M on SL© for explaining the ‘reasons’ why the area was cleaned up.
I am not guilty of this project, but appreciate those who have cleaned up what was a real grot spot. From reading, the project is not yet complete.
It ‘appears’ no matter what some of us are trying to do in ‘keeping’ our town reasonably clean, tidy and graffiti free – there is a large amount of the public who do not like what I and many other like minded friends are trying to achieve.
Less rubbish, less litter, less graffiti, normally goes hand in hand with less CRIME.

I posted the latest crime stats last week, the numbers speak for themselves.
As Mark F commented on SL© there is a Public Forum at Whittlesey Town Council.
The next meeting is on Wednesday 13th April at 7:30pm
Go along and have a go…..It happens very rarely!

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