Meeting in Wisbech CCVS – A Vision !!!!!

The Cambridge Community Voluntary Services (CCVS) hosted the meeting , called
‘Fenland Round Table’ – in actual fact it was 95% Wisbech…. 14 organisations attended, including myself (I was invited).
More ‘Millions’ being allocated to Wisbech because of ‘their’ social depravation areas.
A big push by ‘heavyweight politicians’ for the Wisbech to March Rail link.
I was the only ‘person’ from Whittlesey attending.

The money, money, money, is being allocated, because of unemployment, low aspirations and skills in the Wisbech catchment areas (Their speakers notes).

I have heard this all before and have lots of documentation about this.
The ‘missing’ 5% was my input as a member of the public, of where does Whittlesey fit into all of this, why are we not getting £££ being allocated – and my usual arguments of our lack of infrastructure. Although my hosts were sympathetic I was told there maybe some ‘Ripple’ effect from the growth of Wisbech, nice spin.
So the scans/pictures sets out the 2020 Vision for Wisbech – where is Whittlesey Vision…..

But I do know a man that is passionate and has a vision for Whittleseys future…He is not a Councillor and his vision and views will hopefully be coming in the near future.

Wisbech 2020-01   Wisbech 2020-02  Wisbech 2020-03

Wisbech 2020-04  Wisbech 2020-05  Wisbech 2020-06

Click on twice to get clear enlargement.


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