A Slight Correction on Grosvenor Car Park & NQS…

New Bus StationThere are in fact 4 more parking spaces now than before….did I count them No…its what CCC plans stated, this is because of space from the ‘old’ toilet block.
This does not of course excuse anyone ‘hogging’ space(s) for weeks on end.
As far as the Doctors surgery at New Queens St is concerned, this is a ‘private’ car park.
I was asked/tasked some time ago to carry out a survey of vehicles using their car park, under the remit of the PPG (Patients Participation Group -Free to join).
Over a period of 3 days @ 4 times a day, it was established from the results given to the Practice Manager, that there was 6 vehicles parked there on all occasions which did not belong to anyone at the surgery.
It was ‘assumed’ that these vehicles parked up and the occupants went off else where for the day.
As far as I am aware, no action was taken to inform the vehicles of their inconsiderate parking.

Note whist the survey was being carried out, I was subjected to verbal abuse on more than one occasion – even after explaining why I was doing the survey – thank you very much.

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