Vehicle issue Grosvenor Car Park

DUCATO-AI agree this vehicle has been a problem in the past. Since the car park is FDC’s responsibility it comes under their remit. I note that the ‘old’ Eastgate Car Park, does have a ‘very dirty sign’ with regulations on it – see picture. The ‘new’ Bus Stop car park does not have a sign – I wonder why not – I’ll ask.
Carrying out a vehicle check on the DVLA website, I was unable to find the vehicle details, which any member of the public can carry out.
Tried various combinations, but still no luck.

Although not directly his remit I have a planned meet with PCSO Moll tomorrow, maybe he might check it out – but he can not do anything about it – on Council owned property.

On this picture shows the very dirty signage, the notice states that vehicles have a maximum of 24 hours in the car park.
Maybe the ‘suspect’ is well aware of this signage and it not being displayed on the ‘new’ car park’

Also note of course that the Spring Fair is in Town.



Sign High CausewayA number of complaints also coming through in regards to High Causeway, vehicles not taking notice of the signage and in some cases pedestrians having issues.
At night time – cars drive along the road, shop at ‘Heron’ or collect food from fast food places.

Again this has been reported through the correct channels…..someone’s going to get caught and given a ticket.

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