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160312 - S&T 01I /we do not have a dog or cat – too much commitment for us, but when friends/vistors see a small dog house in our garden, they are somewhat confused – why – where is your dog? – Sorry we don’t have a dog – but what we do have is –
(2) Mediterranean Spur-thighed Tortoises..before anyone on SL© has another go at me – these were ‘rescued’ nearly 40 years ago and we have nurtured them all these years.
Yesterday we were yet again so Happy, that they had survived the very mild winter in their boxes in the garage.
Suntan & TimmyOne of the reasons Tortoises were stopped being imported, was that ‘people/owners’ did no research into how to look after them, 95% died. Like all animals/fish/reptiles – owners need to do some basic research.
The ‘small’ chappie/male is ‘Timmy’ he is about 60 years old and is very active from waking up after hibernation, if you know what I mean!
Suntan June 04The ‘larger’ lady, is ‘Suntan’ she is about 80 years old, and weighs 3 times that of Timmy.
She is a grand old lady, and not that bothered in romancing him very much
There is the odd occasion…as the picture shows. She has been featured in several newspapers and locally over the years.
They are presently in our ‘utility room’ with Infra-red comfort heating, they take a week or so to get fully functional, and when the weather improves they live outside. Favourite food – Chinese leaves and Tomatoes or occasionally Strawberries + any of Connie’s plants (younger the better)
We are always so Happy Happy, to see them ‘wake up’ alive and well…..
We do still have a ‘few’ in Whittlesey with Tortoises.
The British Tortoise Society is a good organisation to carry out any research.
You can buy but they have to be captively bred and from a proper source.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Suntan & Timmy having fun!!!!!!


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