WTC Meeting 10th February 2016

Our correspondent was one of only 4 members of the public in attendance.
There was 2 councillors who gave apologies for none attendance.
This is not a full report of the meeting:

I did make the meeting but did not absorb much of the information being talked about. It’s only my third council meeting I’ve ever attended and am not yet up to speed on understanding what they are talking about. Consequently I’m a little concerned that I’d give you a misguided report on what was said at the meeting.
However, I can report on the presentation by Cllr. Mark Buckton who gave a very good presentation on Cambridgeshire Fenland Tourism
You probably know all about this but the intention is to promote tourism across Cambridgeshire by getting an input from all towns, villages etc. into this website to promote their towns i.e. such as accommodation, things of interest. For example for Whittlesey we have, accommodation, Straw Bear, local history, Flag Fen, course fishing etc. ‘Must Farm’ was mentioned by one of our councillors and then a short discussion on would it be possible to get some items from ‘Must Farm’ to be displayed in Whittlesey.
The six wooden boats which were found at ‘Must Farm’ will be displayed at various locations
but not in Whittlesey.


Two Councillors were missing from the meeting for reasons which were explained and accepted. Four members of the public attended.

I am planning to attend in person for the March meeting which will be on March 09th and when the agenda is available this will be posted up beforehand.

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