Land ownership concerns

From Whittlesey residents – received 11th February 2016

We also wanted you to know of a matter of land ownership locally that you may already be aware of but has just come to our attention.
G.R. owns the field at the bottom of Love Lane off Park Lane. With the field he also gained access rights and grazing rights to the drove. We always assumed the lady of the Manor Nancy Bowker owned the drove but we have recently found out from Whittlesea Charities this is not the case.  Apparently nobody owns the drove and now a gentleman at the top of Boyce Close has claimed approx 200 sq yards of the drove and enclosed the spare land into his garden.  We have contacted land registry and apparently it is quite legal to do this.
Phil Gray of whittlesea charities has told me that there are droves all over Whittlesey that have not been claimed and are open to this kind of abuse. Surely if this gentleman wanted the land he should have paid for it and if to whittlesea charities at least some of the money would be going back into the community.
On another note I regularly read town council minutes and have often wondered why they appear late on line.
Thank you.
L.D. & G.R.

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