WTC – Minutes of Meetings – Cllr Eamonn Dorling.

ED @ WTCWith respect Cllr Dorling your ‘post’ on StreetLife© is a tad misleading to say the least.

“If it helps, the Clerk will provide full minutes within a fairly short time after the meeting – these will be displayed on the web site. “

Council minutes of meetings, do not ‘normally’ get placed into the public domain until they have been signed off, this ‘normally’ happens at the next full council meeting, which is one month from the previous meeting. To say ‘within a fairly short time’ is rather a disingenuous to us who have been keeping the public who can not make council meetings well informed of what has been happening at council for many years!
I appreciate your comment on SL© however it would have been more appropriate to have told the group the actual time scale, instead of them daily waiting for the minutes to arrive.
One month it will take, to get the factual minutes.
Here I/we report within a day or two…..that’s the difference.

ps there is NO council meeting in August, so the minutes from July will not appear until mid-September at the earliest, that is unless WTC have changed their governance.

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