Deja Vu – some of us have been active for a very long time.

I reprint my article from January 2013 – It does take a long time to get things done.
But when it happens it is very worthwhile and rewarding.

Posted on by Roy Gerstner
Article from Peterborough ET 1978…..

RG @ 1978AI have lost most of my hair! maybe caused by the stress of a great deal of inactivity from various council officialdom over the past 35 years….
Perhaps some of our ‘younger’ councillors and there are not many of them…. would have been in their ‘nappies’ or shorts, when campaigners like myself have always been passionate about our Town and Villages.
Yes there maybe some small success, but as a Fenland Town – Whittlesey has been left behind similar Towns through the lack of funding……
There maybe social networking, modern education and engagement…..but I ask – were ‘they’ listening to our issues of 35+ years ago, or are the same ‘they’ still a little hard of hearing what ‘we’ the Tax and Rate payers are trying to get across…..
There have been so many ‘lost’ opportunities for either a By-Pass or the elusive bridge over Kings Dyke….. lets be practical…. its not going to happen anytime soon….

I ask again Mr. Barclay and our County Councillors need to be none stop vocal about these issues.

So 3 years after this posting we maybe just a little closer to our ‘Bridge’

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