Scam Update from Yorkie on SL

I am very grateful to Mr Yorkie on SL© for expanding his ‘encounter’ with an unknown – ‘lurking’ around town.

My encounter was by the Bricklayers Arms, I had noticed this car pass me as I walked down Station Road and as I made to go across the end of the green triangle he emerged from Scaldgate.  He called me over waving an AA road atlas saying he was trying to get to Dover and had spent 3 days trying to get out of Whittlesey (which banana boat did he think I came off !!).  He said he had been working on an Italian Building site here and had been laid off and had been paid a lot of money but also made out he didn’t have a lot of English about him but he understood what I was saying just like when we speak.
All the while he was asking questions like are you retired, are you married and the final straw was what is your chest size !!  To which I said to him i’ve had people like you approach me in Whittlesey before but trying to sell me watches, with that he decided it was time to move on after I had told him which way to get out of Whittlesey and basically how to get to Dover.  If I get someone else approach me I won’t let them give me the spiel but will tell them that there are 5 ways to leave Whittlesey they being the 4 points on a compass and in the back of a police vehicle !!

So beware, and if you are approached use the ‘Yorkie’ method….and if possible get the registration/make/colour of vehicle it might help the Police.


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