Julian H on Streetlife – Speeding Ponderbridge

Ralph-200x300Whilst I am fully sympathetic to Julian H, he is ‘missing’ ‘years’ worth of information regarding speeding issues at Pondersbridge. His best source to get ALL the information is from Cllr Ralph Butcher (His FDC & CCC councillor) Ralph was ‘engaged’ with a person called ‘Phil’ who had moved to Pondersbridge and caused absolute ‘mayhem’ with his ‘ideas’ to sort ‘everything out’ in Pondersbridge. One thing that did succeed was the implementation of a 30 mph speed limit.
Phils next quest was to build a cycle route from Pondersbridge to Whittlesey, claiming he had the finances in place to do it. Phil had ‘many’ other fantastic idea’s and lobbied our MP, councillors and myself. Phil wanted everyone to ‘fix’ the issues but somehow could not  get
(Picture RWT Photography)     directly involved himself (Bad back).

Cutting the story – Phil disappeared from Pondersbridge after causing ‘mayhem’ back to Manchester, where I am informed he is trying to do the same there.
So Mr Julian H on Streetlife© you are more than welcome to contact me, or meet up with me.
SpeedWatchSpeed Limits are primarily the Polices responsibility.
A few months ago, I tried for the umpteenth time to get the community involved in ‘Speedwatch’ – very successful in other parts of Cambs….
Shall I tell you how many people contacted me – NONE.

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