It’s not ALL Holidays – and some sense on Street Life at last.

It is fantastic at last that ‘some’ Street Lifers®’ have ‘something positive to post for a change, there are a number who of course do attend meetings and get their information direct as heard, then there are a lot that – well I heard from someone the other day!.
There are a great many positives about our town and villages than there are negatives.
A number of fantastic community groups doing their part.
Galle 01
Anyway I bring you my environmental part recently in Galle/Sri Lanka, where I spent an hour or so with the Street Cleaners, (even with my limited mobility) they we so happy to have me with them, and the made a very good job of this area (There is a vast amount elsewhere, plenty for many years to come)

Galle 03 Galle 02
A nice mini rubbish cart donated by             No he did not let me drive his tractor.
the people of Okayama Japan                        This was collected from 1 street.
(click on picture to enlarge)

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