Supermarket(s) – Showfields – Planning Not time for recriminations

In my professional life I was very proud of NOT being party to ‘Blame culture or recriminations, I have carried this on as far as I can in my community roles.
The number of times it has now been said and explained on various forums, Whittlesey Town Council/councillors are only ‘consultees’ on planning matters, their ‘weight’ being if a unanimous decision is made – then some ‘weight’ might be highlighted at a FDC’s  Planning committee.

The 7 elected FDC councillors hold the ‘force/lobby’ and weight at decisions.
The (3) Whittlesey /FDC councillors who ‘normally’ sit on the planning committee, are the ones who can persuade/argue and convince the rest of the committee the Pro’s/Con’s of an application.
The ‘Blame culture/Recriminations’ could if the electorate so wished be decided at the ballot box – but this will not happen – why because there are no FDC elections for another 3+ years, by which time most of the arguments will have either blown over or been forgotten about (or we may even have a supermarket/country park by then?)
Maybe in 3+ years time is site will no longer be here – there is no crystal ball.

On a final note, Martin Curtis who occasionally when he has time raises his head above the parapet ‘Quote’ It is about value and spend to save in regards to having an enquiry into various planning issues. I disagree – Martin is NOT spending his own money but the Tax/Rate payers money, he cost the ratepayer several thousands of £’s in his misfortunate non compliance of the initial election results, which needed another election in his ward, I think I am correct in saying it worked out at £16 per vote cast – well that’s history as well now – MC being re-elected on a very convincing majority.

MC appears to have a personal vendetta (for some time now) against FDC’s planning department. He was of course Chairman of the Planning committee whilst some of the issues being raised now.
The FDC solicitor has long since left and found another job on another council.
The Chief Planning Officer, on whose advice many relied upon – has also gone to pastures new.
A multitude of ‘Planning Officers’ dealing with these applications have long since departed.

By now there are few left to ‘Blame’ if the public so wished, except for !!!! you tell me….

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