Fly-Tipping – Nasty People

Fenland District Council has at long last obtained a conviction for Fly-Tipping, it is their ‘first’ success… If course I realise there has to be good evidence in order to prosecute, in this case the lowlife came all the way from Huntingdon to dump their rubbish in our area.

RB 151215-01Here is two photos of more Fly-Tipping which occurred yesterday along Benwick Road.
If you see anyone Fly-Tipping please report it to FDC, your evidence can be used to get a conviction. If possible take a photo, but do not approach the suspects and put yourself in danger, if you think you are in ‘any’ danger call 999
Lets find these people.

RB 151215-02Rubbish, household items, and some asbestos piping….
Blighting our landscape and ruining our environment.

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