Breaking News – Sainsburys New to me anyway 16-12-15 @13:00

Just returned from the WTC Planning meeting (Agenda posted 2 days ago) I the ONLY member of the public present – NO one from the StreetLife Forum?.
I advised the committee that I take the occasional photo and would be audio recording the meeting (Which anyone can do).
Towards the end of the meeting Cllr David Mason informed the committee, that he has been in telephone contact with David Mills the communications manager for Sainsburys.
Mr Mills apologised to WTC in the respect of not informing them (WTC) of notices prior to being released into the public domain.
Cllr Mason then asked where Sainsburys were in building a supermarket, Mr Mills initially came up with the excuse that there were access issues ongoing, however the Council, FDC and Cambs highways have all said that these ‘issues’ had already been resolved.

Next Mr Mills stated “ That” Sainsburys were also looking at the ‘viability’ of building a store in Whittlesey – Now that is the first time I and many others have actually heard the word ‘viability’.
We all know that ALL supermarkets are seriously re-assessing their build programs and in many cases have already cancelled some.

The ‘travesty’ a word I use often is that after 5 or 6 years of wrangling with various applications/developers we/all in Whittlesey have NO new supermarket now or in the immediate future. One the +ve side, I am a big fan of what we have, and whilst there is NO Big Bully supermarket – our local shops/stores have a chance of survival.

My disappointment being that NO one else attended this meeting, and like with many other council meetings only a very ‘few’ usual members of the public attend.

WTC 151216-02       WTC 151216-01
(l-r) Cllrs  Windle, Whitwell, Mason + Clerk    Mason, Clerk  Jolly, Mrs Mayor & Butcher

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