Sainsbury’s – WTC – Planning Meeting

Further to my earlier post. A very brief ‘update’ was given – there is NO update, other than Cllr David Mason writing to Sainsbury’s and getting very little response.
I see the ‘knives’ are out again arguing as to who to ‘blame’ for the ‘Supermarket’ fiasco.
What the electorate have to remember is that Whittlesey Town Council/Councillors are consultee only on ALL planning matters.

Yes there are 7 Councillors who are FDC Councillors as well, it is primarily the ‘7’ to debate/convince and lobby.
Irrespective of Street Lifers blaming who-ever and everyone , I believe that the ‘fiasco’/behind the scenes dramas/personalities – would make a very good TV drama or better still a ‘film’.
I am in love with NO Supermarket – they are commercial organisations in business to make money.
I have and declare I have owned shares in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons for many years – as a ‘small’ shareholder, the price of the shares I own are worth a lot less today than when I bought them.
Everyone knows that Supermarket retail business has changed dramatically over the last couple of years.
Martin B bravely sticks his neck out and believes Sainsburys will be built. Behind the scenes, I can tell you that the majority now believe that this will not happen.
I don’t know is my answer – business can change almost overnight, a new Chief Exec or CEO arrives and the whole ethos changes – it has happened before.

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