Whittlesey Town Council meeting 11/11/15

If I am here – I attend as a member of the public the town council monthly meetings.
Last night there were 3 members of the public for a planning application plus myself and one other who stayed the norm 3 hours of ‘debate’.
All 14 Councillors were in attendance.
Varied agenda, including a shortish presentation from Mr Rob Litten Executive Head Whittlesey Learning Trust. (Park Lane & New Road). He hopes to be here 10 years?

No one spoke at the Public Forum.
A couple (my view) controversial planning applications.
F/YR15/0920/CERTLU – This is the use of the Manor House for business use, it has been going on for some considerable time, some of the residents of Manor View/Portland Place are displeased with deliveries etc….WTC recommended ‘Refusal’
F/YR15/0933F – 6 dwellings on Church Street (Ex Garage area) – The big issue of course is ‘Parking’ I have to state I have at last heard Cllr Garratt admit that parking is an issue on the road of Church Street, several years ago he claimed there was No Issues…..
It is bad enough during the daytime but at night when all are back from work it is ‘horrendous’ – I have pictures and video of the dangerous issues, some of which have been posted here before..
WTC recommended ‘Approval’

There was a deviation from the agenda, which I am not that happy about.
Financial and tendering naturally should be discussed under ‘exclusion’ of the public – which I do not have a problem with, however to change an item within the agenda as the meeting is in progress should not be allowed.
If a Councillor (In this case Cllr Curtis) wishes items to be excluded, this should have been placed in the agenda and not changed during a meeting in progress.
The item concerning the ‘Showfields’ Legal update/costing of Legal advice.

I’ll post some more regarding the Street Scene Officers report – tomorrow….

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