Former Leader Cambs CC – Nick Clarke standing for Police Commissioners Job

Nick Clarke 02Avid ‘Blogger’, former high flyer and ex leader of the Conservatives @ Cambs County Council is first to submit his manifesto for becoming the next PCC (Police & Crime Commissioner) – Standing as now the UKIP candidate.
Mr Clarke makes a hell of a lot of promises should he become elected.
He has been a big critic of the present PCC – Conservative Sir Graham Bright.
Maybe the electorate and the conservatives should remember ALL the promises he made when he was the leader for a shortish time at Cambs CC.
Nick blamed his demise on living too far away from his electorate. He then joined UKIP.
I stand on an Independent view as always, and I dislike the fact that the PCC’s job started and carried on as a ‘Political platform’ this position should not be a political position and I believe the electorate all over the country agreed – that’s why there was only about a 20% turnout at the poles, disillusioned – fed up with party politics, can’t be bothered….
We wait to who the rest choose as their candidates.
Yes I have been asked be several people if I would stand – ha – I know my place I’m not in that league and in any case would I waste £5,000 of my own money knowing I am on a looser…I don’t think so – thanks for the offer.
This is a very serious and important position and should be treated as such. (Photo and read more)

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