Well done – Cllr Dorling

Eamonn DorlingGood to see Eamonn Dorling producing a ‘News-letter’ for his Delph Ward.
Normally (other than myself Ex councillor- running an active website/blog).
Councillors tend only communicate to the masses near election time.
Considering we have 14 Town Councillors No one running website, Martin Curtis last update was 3rd September 2104 – over a year ago….
So we have ‘StreetLife’© where a number is ‘trolls’ operate along with much rumour and guesswork. A Councillor decides to answer a question, can in many cases expect to get ‘roasted’ for his/her efforts. That’s a fact of life these days for elected representatives.
I hope Eamonn continues his Ward contact.

Did I pick up today that Whittlesey Town Council are getting near the BIG Launch of the long awaited Website….I can’t wait!

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