Landscape Group – Fired

The contractors for our Grass cutting and some garden services have not only been ‘Fired’, their HQ/Container in March was set alight last night (Fired)….it is believed that the culprits were looking for vehicle keys, but none are kept in the container.
There is to be a ‘new’ contractor – who I understand put in a ‘cheaper’ bid…..Looking overall at the ‘Landscape Groups’ work and record…I for one have complained on a few occasions about the ‘poor’ delivery and service we have had in Whittlesey…

Anyone fancy a cheap, well used, not very well maintained mower….don’t apply here….go to The Landscape Group…, the 12 foot mower which cuts large areas like the Manor Field is out of action….

150901-Ashline Grove 01 150901-Ashline Grove 02
This is what ‘my’ frontage’ looks like – Not been maintained for well over a year…..No prizes here for a well maintained council/public area…. NIL POINTS….
(Click on picture to enlarge)

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