Well done…..AJS…

SP Dog Poo Sign 02ANew signs around town, highlight the for-ever and ongoing Doggie Poo ‘issues’, these signs are very eye-catching and I and many others ‘hope’ that some notice is taken from these very ‘visible’ signs.

That said I think there has been a small improvement in this area….not noticing quite as much of the ‘stuff’ around, especially in the central town area.

The favourite places of course are the Manor Field and the associated walk along the Bower. The Stonald Road and Cycle Route out to the Millennium  Bridge.



SP Dog Poo Sign 01ANever quite getting answers from FDC’s Street Scene (Officers and HQ) as to how many if any perpetrators have ever been given the dreaded On-The-Spot Fine? – or if so did any actuals pay-up.

I see the ‘latest’ ‘initiative’ at FDC is ‘fining anyone in Wisbech who happens to drop ‘Dog Ends/Cigarette buts’… so why Wisbech, do the other 3 market towns in Fenland not ‘suffer’ or count…. I’ve highlighted before….
Shortly FDC will be asking the public where ‘saving can be made – I for one can think of one department where we can save well over £500K / Year – with very little ‘loss’ of service.

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