Peterboro City Council to apply 40 mph Speed Limit

Peterborough City Council are to apply for a permanent 40 mph speed limit along the North Bank. The temporary measure was brought in after much lobbying by the action groups, residents and councillors. Six accidents occurred in a space of six days during November/December 2013. A new safety barrier was put in place on one of the dangerous bends. Speed has played a great part in these accidents, today I publish a motorcycle and a car overtaking me both doing well in excess of 40 mph as my in car camera recorded. North Bank Speeding Motorcycle 01 North Bank Speeding Car 01 double click on image to get a full sized view, I make no apologies for naming and shaming.
Colin Martin and his group campaigned hard along with a 2,500 signature petition to try and get improvements done – these (2) motorist(cyclist) should be very aware of the past dangers of this road – Stop Speeding…..

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