Please think before Voting

Naturally I am looking to be ‘re -elected’ and need as many votes as possible – as I am the ‘underdog’ in this campaign.
I respect the ‘Green Party’ putting up a candidate – however when I spoke twice with him  – he told me, ‘Had I have known you were standing – I would have looked elsewhere to stand’
Alex is a very nice young man – just leaving Sir Harry Smith school he has his life in front of him and some serious ‘studying’ to do at Peterborough University over the next few years – he will NOT have the time or commitment to put in to be a councillor, I therefor urge ALL and everyone who has leanings to vote for Alex to vote for me instead – My Green credentials I have made well known – and I am the only ‘serious’ candidate to stand against the very strong conservative candidates in St Marys and St Andrews.
I have 4 years experience of questioning and holding to account the 13 previously elected conservative group.
If you want a democratic council vote for Roy Gerstner.

The Good CouncillorHas your ‘candidate’ read and understood the 62 page document on the left.

I have and I do understand my responsibilities and commitment to you the elector.

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