Would be councillors attend WTC meeting.

Naturally, Mr Bob Wicks, (Was Independent and is now Conservative) is a very regular attendee at Whittlesey Town Council meetings, and normally has some input at the public forum – this week the on-going issue of ‘speeding’ along the North Bank and ‘Overweight’ vehicles.
It was at last good to see (2) other prospective candidates at a Town Council meeting to actually see what goes on at ‘our’ council and not at the ‘Political Group meeting’. Unfortunately it was a pretty ‘quiet’ meeting.
However kudos to Mrs Julie Windle and Mr Chris Boden for actually coming along.
Of course maybe the Whittlesey electorate are unaware of Mr Boden’s ‘history’ – however
he ‘must’ be very experienced from his ‘past/present’ local community involvements?
I am somewhat confused however as Mr Boden ‘seems’ to change his political views – he sits on the City of London council, as ‘Independent’ and at the same time is a ‘member’ of the Conservative Party! – I am very confused!
Although I hear that Mr Boden has taken up a more rewarding role in the local Conservative Group….we shall see….!

So at least (3) Conservatives turned up, and (Nil/Zero?) Ukippers or Labour prosepctives turned up…..just put your name in the hat and expect to be elected….. maybe they know something I about the Whittlesey electorate I am unaware of…..

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