Good News – Kings Dyke Crossing

To be ‘fair’ which I always try to be: Nick Clarke (Ex Cambs CC Leader) promised this would happen 3+ years ago, our own Ralph Butcher (CC/FDC & Town Councillor) also said it would happen, so here we are after ‘decades’ of waiting, the final hurdles are nearly here?
I remember my father who worked in the brickworks in the 1950’s  telling me there would be a bridge one day? – sadly he is not around to see it.
There are still ‘many’ challenges yet to happen, and without pre-empting – someone might yet call for a ‘Public enquiry’, there could be soil or environmental issues. There could be challenges in regards to compulsory purchasing orders.
Even when the ‘Bridge’ is built (Note I am not calling it a By-Pass) the volume of traffic using the road will be the same if not more.
The issues – when Thorney Road/North Bank is closed does not make the A605 any easier during the flooding periods.
The answer to these issues are of course a full blown By-Pass and I hope our County Councillors have not taken this of the agenda/radar.
Lets get the Bridge built and then campaign/lobby for the By-Pass.
The ‘bottle-neck’ at ‘Cardia’ is going to remain….

It was somewhat ‘good’ to hear Martin Curtis made comment in the press as he hasn’t been very ‘active’ on his blog/website for many many months……!!!!!

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