Supermarket – When – If ever!

Although I sent my apologies for my none attendance at Wednesdays – Whittlesey Town Council meeting, my ears and eyes have informed me of the details….. (Not those as reported in the Cambs Times©) I am in receipt of the letter sent by Sainsburys to Whittlesey Town Councillors.
I am again asking like many other Councillors a ‘real’ commitment from Sainsburys as to a definitive date that they plan to build.
Whilst I am fully aware, that Full planning permission needs to come about by FDC and then the logistical exercise of tendering etc are just a few of many further ‘delays’.
My concerns again – after ‘Most’ Councillors have gone the extra mile to support all of the projects –
Bruce Smith of Whitacre told the council he was “confident that Sainsbury’s will build a new store in Whittlesey; the support from Whittlesey has not gone unnoticed by them”.

Sainsburys ‘Masters/Major’ Shareholders are wealth funds from outside of the UK who are looking for ‘profits’ and will lean heavily on the UK Directors to deliver.
I sincerely hope like everyone else that the whole project/country park/business park does actually come to fruition sooner rather than later.

Sainsburys – like Tesco are going through a very rough period and whether – they can ever make up lost ground remains to be seen. With Aldi and Lidl on big expansions all we can now do is – Hope.

Disclaimer – I have been a small direct shareholder in Sainsburys since 1994 and they are less todays than when they were bought!

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