Power to the People….

The next  application to come forward is the 249 houses that the ‘old’ Rose Family want to build of the old showground site off Thorney Road. I am extremely pleased how this went and how our Council engaged with the public and nearby residents,
This was primarily lead by Mrs Dee Laws the Ward Councillor and Chair of Whittlesey Town Councils Planning committee. A lot of work has been put in.
The decision not only to hold the public meeting last Wednesday (23rd) but the amount of engagement and work put in prior to that meeting.
The meeting itself went ‘fairly’ well other than one member of the public accusing ‘some’ councillors of receiving ‘Brown Envelopes’ – to which I personally took exception too and made it known – to be fair she did apologise to me personally after the meeting.
At Thursdays WTC Planning meeting we spent some considerable time debating and formulating a response, which I again am pleased to say was a robust recommendation to REFUSE….. our response was an 8 page letter to FDC Planning.
Again I am sorry to say, that if/when the application comes to FDC, even if it is refused in the first instance – the applicant has the right to appeal.

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