Good to see at last a prospective candidate making some noise…

It would appear the Conservative group latest enrolment for May elections –
Ms Elizabth Sennitt- Clough has I am sent….
‘flashed up’ on social media about Whittlesey being short changed by the Combined Authority – Good for her…

Basically the ‘Mayor’ of the Combined Authority want to impose a ‘local tax’ to fund better transport/buses – but not here in Whittlesey – as you know we lost some Stagecoach services which area’s in the South & East Cambs all got big subsidies to keep and improve in cases services.
The consultation is a bit arduous – but if you do not fill it in WE will all end up Paying this ‘Stealth Tax’

Question 9 specifically asks if you support a Mayoral precept to pay for buses – I would urge you to respond with “no”

Question 10 asks more generally if you would support a Mayoral precept – I would urge you to respond with “no”

To complete the survey (about 3 minutes max) and help stop this ‘Stealth Tax’
Click Here

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