I am not defending The Police – However..

Year on year ‘we’ the paying public are forever asked to pay more and more for the services we receive, in many/most cases the justification may be inflation or trying to maintain improve a service.
Our emergency services are in the same position, their staff suffer the same inflation as the rest of us, The Police and Crime Commisioner an elected person (by a very few who bothered to vote) is supposed to hold the Chief Constable to account for policing in our county – He does not and can not influence how the police operate – but should ensure that funding is sufficient to keep us all safe…..

I would encourage as many readers as possible to let the PCC know your views, good, bad or indifferent.

I publish when sent to me, all the latest crime figures in Fenland –
again I am proud to say,
this is Web-blog is one of the very few places you will find this information. The Crime Statistics have not greatly altered for a number of years….

You can visit the survey here: The Police & Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire | Police funding 2023-24 survey (cambridgeshire-pcc.gov.uk)

To those – We never see a Policeman or the Police in our area.
From R.S.

Which brings me to the police issue. The police are data led – this means that they will not patrol the streets at random or on regular beats but will act in various but directed ways. They schedule their patrols based on intelligence and analysis of crime statistics. This has proved effective in reducing crime but is heavily dependent on receiving the necessary information.
I am working with our two local sergeants at the moment on devising a clear guide to reporting information effectively as we have found that many reports do not contain sufficient evidence of the right kind and this prevents them from taking further action.


If it is not reported, it is not recorded – the Police are unaware of an issue.

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