Good News – Kings Dyke Natural Reserve – Opening

You can register for free for a pass and membership by contacting:-
Philip Parker e-mail…..     [email protected]

Following extended efforts by reserve staff/volunteers and Forterra in removing several million litres of flood water, we are pleased to announce the following timescales for re-opening : 

  1. Thursday 8thApril, the paths will re-open. Please stay strictly to the paths. Those in the main reserve are passable with boots, that in the extension by the bunker is currently only passable with wellingtons. The pond dipping area and path right past the main hide remain flooded over Wellington depth.
  2. The fossil area will open from Monday 12th April and has been topped up once since Christmas.
    We will try and get some more fossil clay in there as soon as a machine is available.
  3. The main hide will also open from Monday 12th April but to a maximum of 3 people only (one per available bench to maintain social distancing). The end of the hide is closed and taped off to avoid disturbing the swans who are nesting outside the far window. Use of the hide is being monitored to ensure these rules are followed.
    Any breaches and the hide will be closed.
  4. Following an arson attempt on the extension hide, members should not use this until the steps have been repaired
  5. We look forward to seeing new photographs from peoples visits but please note that we are now in the bird nesting season so as normal, there is a list of restricted birds which should not be reported until the end of July.
    This is available on request.

We expect the reserve to be quite busy given it is spring and people have not able to visit for some time so please observe social distancing.
The gate is locked and only member have the access code.

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