Todays Scam Message #2

Parcel Force Scam

Back in December we warned about fake courier delivery scams. Well, thanks to our wonderful partner Fenland Community Safety Partnership, we can share some details of one such scam e-mail they have recently received so that we can all be aware and tell others to help people stay safe.

In this case the e-mail looked to have come from Parcel Force Worldwide and stated that they had tried to deliver a parcel. It goes on to say

‘Your action is required. If this item is unclaimed by the return date, then it will be returned to sender.

The first and second delivery attempt was free of charge. To schedule a new delivery, a shipping fee must be paid’ and it provides a link to ‘reschedule your parcel delivery’.

The e-mail used the Parcel Force Worldwide logo and tries to look official by using an order reference number and the genuine Parcel Force Group privacy notice at the footer of the e-mail. However, there are a few red flags that this is not a genuine Parcel Force e-mail: 

  • The e-mail address of the sender was not a Parcel Force address but something entirely different: kmzpp@telenet(dot)be .
  • The message greeting used the recipient’s e-mail address, not their name.
  • The message used a vague phrase ‘if this item is unclaimed by the return date, then it will be returned to sender’ without giving the supposed ‘return date’. 
  • The e-mail asks for payment of a fee. No fee is required to arrange redelivery of a parcel.
  • A hyperlink was provided to take payment and personal information. Hyperlinks are a big warning that a message may be a scam.

This e-mail could just have easily used another parcel courier’s branding and come from a different e-mail address or even a SMS text message so please be alert to these scams and warn others about them too.

Don’t forget you can report phishing e-mails to [email protected] and suspicious text messages to 7726.
Thank you.

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