At Last – Whittlesey Wins – 11 Years of Lobbying

As many of you will be very aware I have been campaining and lobbying Cllr Mrs Dee Laws for many years – She has been on the case for 11 years…Having ‘Inter-Active’ signage informing motorists in ‘Real-time’ – Issues/Closures of the B1040 (Including Flooding) – has at last about to happen now that funding has been approved (an eye-watering amount for 3 signs) Hopefully to be installed by December 2020
Below is the release….~

The Board of the Mayoral Combined Authority also approved Whittlesey’s application for £57,500 funding for Interactive Flooding Signs – which will give vital alerts for westbound traffic going from Whittlesey to Peterborough. The funding will pay for the installation, maintenance, and management of three signs at key locations in Whittlesey.

The indicators will warn when floods close the B1040 and will also tell motorists when the A47 is closed by accidents (the already-congested A605 through Whittlesey is the route normally used for diversions) and when roadworks are affecting traffic in the area.

Read the whole article (about 2/3 minutes) Click Here

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