Nice Photo Opportunity @ KD

So all those that ‘count’ (pun) – where available for a photo-shoot at the turf cutting of the Kings Dyke Bridge project.

Amazing that our almost invisible MP Steve Barclay can make his way to Whittlesey for some feel good factor photo-shoot (publicity) but is hardly every seen (even in normal times) here in Whittlesey – (busy, busy man these days) in fact even some of his ‘very’ loyal followers are of the same opinion !!!! – Still having been involved in ‘lobbying/promoting’ the KD project since its most recent start in 2013 – I too was wavering when it all collapsed around the ‘Kier’ issues…. But hang in Cllr Count to his credit has made the promise – let us hope that nothing untoward happens near the ‘Pit’…..

At least ‘we’ Councillors are being kept up to date with progress and as it comes I’ll post up on here…as usual.

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